Parallel Poly LFO

This truly polyphonic LFO lets you set the individual rates (silver dials) and waveforms (5 position switches for sine, triangle, ramp, saw, square) of each voice/channel. In a poly patch, individual voices can swarm around values and they can move & wander with individuality - rather than just more notes of the same thing, you can create complex diversity with modulation. Yet, you can also speed an slow the LFOs as a flock, using the master calibration dial, and you can reset them as a unit or randomize their phases with the sync & unsync buttons.

Per-voice sync/reset is available via top-left poly jack. The master calibration dial is modulatable. And, the sync/unsync buttons can be "pressed" via CV with a single jack - positive voltages sync the LFOs and negative voltages unsync them (randomize their phases). A master attenuverter and bias control (top-right, under the output) help make the device even more customizable.

Suddenly, those poly patches can begin to move within themselves and achieve exciting new variations.