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  • PAT-o-GEN is a 4 channel pattern generator based on Qu-Bit Electronix's.

  • PAT-o-GEN is sold individually and as part of RHYTHM BUNDLE .

  • Big central knob to change bpm.

  • Possibility to control tempo by external clock.

  • Multiply and Divide switches to modify incoming or outgoing clock frequency.

  • 6 patterns selection with variation control knob for every channel to animate your rhythmic part especially when using control voltage.

  • Safe resetting feature by rst mode selection mode control knob.

  • Mute and Solo toggle buttons for live performance action.

  • The 4 outputs are in this general order : out1 is for kick drum, out2 for snare drum, out3 for hi-hat/ride cymbal/percussion, out4 for cymbals/percussion, but you can choose whatever destination.

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