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R_Ware PClip

Welcome to PClip, the anti-aliased high-quality clipping module!

PClip is the perfect addition to any audio engineer's toolkit, providing the ability to shape and control the sound of your audio with precision.

The module features a clipping slope control, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the clipping effect to suit your needs. The vibe control adds a touch of character to the sound, adding warmth and depth to your audio.

In addition to these controls, the module also features a tone control, allowing you to fine-tune the overall tonal balance of your audio before the clipping stage. This is particularly useful for shaping the spectrum emphasizing either the low-end or high-end of your signal.

But that's not all – the module also includes up to 32x oversampling, utilizing both high-quality IIR and linear-phase FIR oversampling filters to ensure the highest quality sound possible. This makes the module ideal for use in high-fidelity audio applications where sound quality is of the utmost importance.

So if you're looking to add a professional-grade clipping module to your audio setup, look no further. Our anti-aliased high-quality clipping module has everything you need to take your audio to the next level