PERCSTATION for Voltage Modular - Virtual Analog Percussion Workstation

Four virtual analog drum synth voices, each with with two variable shape oscillators, two noise sources and variable mode filter with multiple drive options

Four track 16 step x 16 pattern (or 256 step) grid-based sequencer with variable probability per step, time signature support, swing and pattern cycle mode

Two variable shape step-based modulation sources per voice with 20 possible modulation destinations

Built-in delay, two reverbs, voice effects send matrix, compressor, limiter and 4-channel mixer

Internal or external sync, host transport, voice output routing, voice trigger in / out

User preset support for voice, kit, sequence and instrument setups

Growing collection of voice and instrument factory presets

We like to think PERCSTATION isn’t your typical analog drum machine emulation. That’s why we call it a “percussion workstation”. Sure, it can do regular drum machine sounds, but we hope that PERCSTATION inspires you to take your rhythmic ideas into new sonic territory!

Please be sure to check out the sound demo, all made with single PERCSTATION presets, no additional effects or processing.

Preset sound design by JD Soundsets:

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