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  1. PERCUSSOR is a VC Quad Decay and Four Channel Mixer percussive oriented module that will shape four different sound sources into a percussive sound.
  2. This module is based on BEFACO Percall.
  3. I tried at the beginning just to take inspiration from it and add some things that are not present in the original, but it ended up that a lot of VM users wanted other features from the original and so I possibly tried to add some of those too.
  4. Audio INPUTS are normalized in pairs, that means what you plug on IN 1 also goes to IN 2 until you plug a cable on IN 2. Same for IN 3 to IN 4.
  5. To avoid taking off cables from IN 2 or IN 4 to use the normalization feature I put a MUTE button just next to IN 2 and IN 4 so it can come in handy if you want to switch with different sounds.
  6. CHOKE Controls when active (up position), channel 1 kills 2 and channel 3 kills channel 4 depending on each channel decay settings.
  7. It is often used to simulate mutually exclusive drum sounds like open/closed Hi-hats or kind of side-chained baselines with your kick.
  8. The envelope can be fired by the TRIG INPUT and you can control its DECAY manually or by its own CV INPUT working well with -5/5V signal.
  9. Just above the sliders there're three buttons (S = short, M = medium, L = long) which once selected you have the slider range changed, when nothing's selected the range is wider.
  10. The ENV OUT can be used to control or modulate other modules.
  11. SOLO and MUTE switch to select the behavior of the 4 BUTTONS at the top.
  12. FOUR separate OUTPUTS and a MIX OUTPUT available.
  13. LEDs to see your signal levels with RED LED when clipping.

Hope you have fun with it!!! ;)

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