Perlin Noise

Type: Module

Category: Source

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Manufacturer: Hype Audio

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This module is inspired by 1980s computer graphics innovation - Perlin's noise.

Perlin noise was created in one particular thing in mind - "natural randomness". It was used in CGI of 1980s sci-fi classic - Tron - to create smoothly looking textures.

It's not purely random, like other noise types - white or pink. In fact it generates very smoothly changing and evolving curve.

The module outputs up to 5 uncorrelated Perlin Noise sources and user can control two parameters for each source - Octaves and Persistance;

Octaves are used two control the complexity of the generated curve, the more octaves, the greater number of interpolated noise functions are summed together.

Persistance parameter controls frequency of noise functions used to created Perlin Noise, in relation to amplitude of them.

Use this module as a control signal, for more "natural ramdomness" or as a noise source in your sound design.