Playertron Fractional Sequencer

$13.99 $28.00

A nimble, dexterous, and adaptable device, the Fractional Sequencer was designed to provide straightforward sequencing and also to offer opportunities for complex rhythmic exploration. It can be chained, linked, and branched with copies of itself to produce networks of propagating pulses. It can be flexibly performed like cue point juggling. It can be used to sequence copies of itself, with a master device orchestrating the activation of others. It can respond to triggers and gates, and it can output triggers and gates. It can also output a “g-1” signal that acts as a retriggering gate (vs just prolonging the length of opening). It can operate as a single beat subdivided into 1-8 steps and chained into a bar via multiple units, where each beat can have distinct rhythmic signatures, perhaps triplets in on the first beat and quintuplets at the next, or perhaps different tempos for each beat.

It is a perfect pair for the Trigger Player/ TET Version & the Instant Pitch Fader, with six outputs that form a row with their inputs, making for an easy setup. It’ll work well with other sources too, such as the Misfit drum modules, envelope generators, switches, and pretty much anything.

The Fractional Sequencer operates as easily as the next sequencer, but makes experimentation readily accessible, and before you know it, you’re making beats that tinker with time in interesting ways. It also opens up interactivity beyond merely switching between various banks of presequenced rhythms, allowing you to dynamically activate beat segments to improvise new ideas in real-time. Try the Fractional Sequencer if you feel trapped by a grid, if you like the complexity of sequences but the experience of interactivity, if you have ideas for sequences that can’t seem to fit into a standard sequencer, or if you just want something that starts simple but isn’t glued down to staying that way. The Fractional Sequencer is the modular sequencer for sequencing modular.