Type: Module

Category: Instruments

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • PLAYGROUND is a synth-voice module thought to be used as a creative/performer machine...
  • PLAYGROUND is sold individually and as part of Oscillator Bundle and ALL-4-ONE BUNDLE.
  1. Individual waveform outputs are always active depending on each VCA amount.
  2. Every waveform toggle button activated will go to the Mix Out output.
  3. At the bottom you have different effects : all of them are applied to the mix out and only the first two to waveform individual outputs.
  4. Xfade allows to cross fade a waveform with the next one.
  5. Ext input to add external signals.
  6. All the demo sounds have been played only with PLAYGROUND and sometimes adding some external LFO or sample into its external input.

Have fun with it!!! ;)

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_1_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_2_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_3_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_4_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_5_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_6_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_7_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_8_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_9_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_10_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_11_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_12_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_13_
  • Nrgzr78_PLAYGROUND_Demo_14_