Plug-In Host

Type: Module

Category: I/O

Updated: May 19, 2021

Manufacturer: Cherry Audio

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****The Plug-In Host module enables almost any virtual instrument or effect plug-in to be used within Voltage Modular, and allows manual and CV control of up to 12 parameters.


Mar 4, 19

This Thing!

although there is another vst host for another modular program, this is why (and other reasons) i prefer voltage modular.
this host, or the mini plugin host, makes it possible to use the Oscilators of any instrument you have.
if you have filter plugins (for instance, ms-20 fx, arturia 3 filters, the wild glitchmachines fx plugins) it widens your sound spectrum. and routing can be A, or A and B split or parallel.
the modulation options are great, simple but great. and it works perfectly.
i also use it for palindrome (glitchmachines).


Jun 12, 20

For me the Game Changing Module

If I need e.g. a powerful Sampler, Granular Synth or Waverable Synth, I run VPS Avenger as a plugin in Voltage Modular: a modular synth (Avenger) inside the Voltage Modular Engine which can be used to create a GUI that does exactly what I want. Example: I open 4 granluar oscillators in Avenger and control them by an X/Y Controller in VM and the 8 Controller knobs which are linked to a keyboard. This is really cool and a very simple set up and also solves the problems connected with assigning keyboard controllers to VSTi-s which usually are assigned to the VSTi and not to the individual sound patch. The only limitation: you just have 12 controller channels but usually this is enough.
Or try to insert e.g. UHE Diva: This synth gets new controlling and effect options. And the best: On your screen you only have maybe 10 modules.
O.k, I admit I love modular synthesis but I hate screens with 50 modules and 100 cables - and now I get a simple setup with the full power!

So I think this really is a game changer as it turns Voltage Modular from a Modular SYNTH into a Modular ENVIRONMENT where you can process "Midi" Data with algorithms and controllers, sounds with effects, you can combine everything with everthying from the whole world of VSTs and the modulating power of Voltage Modular.
And that's quite a lot! (Even if I suppose, it's not what Cherry Audio intended :-))
Since I found this module, Voltage Modular is getting my starting point for everything, as I know I can expand as far as I want and still have to load and save only ONE plugin - so I can use my sound-setups in any project or DAW I want. Perfect!


Jan 19, 21

Probably the best module

This opens up VM to an insane world of possibilities, and changed the game / workflow entirely for me. Not only can you host VSTs, but you can host VM again inside of itself, save presets of hosted VSTs, and save hosted versions of VM inside of presets. All of this isn't even mentioning the mappable CV inputs all over the thing, which is even crazier. I'm still unravelling the mysteries of this module and what you can do with it, but even at its core it is a complete powerhouse.