Manufacturer: Benard

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This is a very simple but useful module, offered for free to Voltage Modular users as a 2021 present from Benard.

The CV input is multiplied by the value of its attenuverter knob, and then added to the value of the slider. This signal is then multiplied by the input to produce the output, all in a small 3HP package. It acts as a VCA, but negative CV signals invert the output instead of silencing it. When no input is connected, the slider outputs DC, so it can also be used to add offset to a signal.

Because of its small size, it is easy to concatenate or combine multiple units in your patches. It is great for scaling, inverting and offsetting signals, and can also be used for ring modulation, or as a slider to adjust the levels of your final mix, or of subsections of your patches.