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  • POLY-8 is a 8 voice polyphonic synthesiser based on Knobula's Poly Cinematic with possibility to memorize 7 chords.

  • POLY-8 is sold individually and as part of SYNTHS BUNDLE.

  • 8 polyphonic voices each including : 7 oscillator super saw, 3 oscillator syncable square/pulse, 3 oscillator tone wheel generator, chord memory triggered by cv/gate, stereo reverb, 3 filter types, ADSR.

  • The Envelope Section controls both the amplifier and filter to modulate the volume and filter cut-off (using the Env Depth).

  • Particular Decay/Sustain control knob which allows to adjust on the fly two controls at the same time to achieve pluck to slow fading sounds.

  • Filter Section featuring Lowpass, Notch and Highpass resonant filter.

  • Oscillator Section featuring : Detune to control the frequency relationship between each of the oscillators. At its lowest setting all the oscillators are tuned to the same pitch, further increasing the control will spread out the frequencies for chorus and sub-octave effects. Pitch to control the root note of the unit, turning it will change the frequency depending on switch selection in free or chromatic steps up or down up 1 octave. 3 different wave selections with 3 mode selections.

  • FX - Reverb section to control reverberation amount.

  • For memorizing chords you can press RESET button, it will only set the memory slot to "0", press REC toggle button (it will light up) and play your chord (up to 8 keys at the same time), after you release all the keys the REC button will light off and memory slot number will change to next, so press again REC and repeat the previous step until you need (when you see memory slot "7" you reached the maximum). DELETE button will erase all memory slots, so be careful.

  • For playing the 7 memory slots, Memory CV is mapped to receive notes (C, D, E, F, G, A ,B) so you can use the white keys to select each memory slot.

  • You can select manually the memory slots by left/right arrow buttons.

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