Poly IO Bus Plus

This polyphonic module takes the Polyphonic Note, Polyphonic Gate, Sustain and Pitch Bend inputs from the Voltage Modular IO panel (or from directly connected jacks, allowing use of this with external MIDI and the MPE modules) and generates Legato (Single Trigger/First Note) and Retrigger (Multi-Trigger/Each Note) gate and trigger outputs which can be used with delayed LFOs or Envelopes for Paraphonic type sounds.

Similar to the IO Bus Plus module, the module also provides a sustained Polyphonic Gate with Sustain output allowing easy use of Sustain on envelopes that may not have a Sustain input, and a polyphonic output of the pitch CV with Pitch Bend (and optional limiting of the bend amount).

The module offers two modes of operation for how it deals with "note stealing" when you have exceeded the number of notes set as the maximum polyphony - standard operation, whereby the gate output and sustained gate output behave as the normal gate, with often legato behaviour when playing a sequence of notes which exceeds the polyphony; and note triggered mode which always triggers when a new note is seen (the module expects raw notes here, i.e. without any pitch bend or vibrato).

Also sold as part of Andrew Macaulay's Performance and MIDI Collection as well as Andrew Macaulay's Gate and Trigger Collection, General Utilities Collection and Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.