poly Laboratory Sawtooth Animator

Type: Module

Category: Processor

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Manufacturer: MRB

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Newly added to the Laboratory Bundle.

This is the polyphonic version of the Laboratory Sawtooth Animator. Operation is the same as the mono version in every respect, so please see that description for full instructions.

As described, the mono hardware version of this module was produced by Cyndustries and was very popular. However, this polyphonic version is another beast entirely. Holding down a few notes and hearing 50 oscillators is just stunning.

Click on the SOUNDS tab for some demos. You will hear phrases first without and then with animation. All demos are one track with one animator module. No effects are used.

Title of Song

  • Animator_Strings_Demo
  • Animator_Octave_Strings_Demo
  • Animator_Orchestra_Demo