Poly LFO

Type: Module

Category: Source

Updated: Aug 02, 2019

Manufacturer: Benard

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This module is a poly LFO, with separate outputs for sine, ramp, triangle, sawtooth, pulse and sample and hold noise. Each output also has its own attenuverter to control the output level. There are also poly CV inputs to modulate the rate value, and the pulsewidth of the pulse wave, as well as a poly trigger input to reset the phase of the oscillators.

Each oscillator can be reset individually. The button labeled Nxt (for reset next oscillator) will reset one of the oscillators every time it is pressed, and will cycle over the number of oscillators determined by the polyphony setting. You can also use a poly trigger signal to reset the oscillators, such as the one from the Buttons to Poly Triggers module. This allows you to easily choose any phase offset you want for the different voices, or you can suddenly sync them all again with a push of the shared reset button (labeled All), or with simultaneous external triggers for all the voices from a poly signal.

You can control the polarity of all the oscillators at once with the switch on the left. The switch on the right determines the range of rate values for all the oscillators, and you can control the rate with the big knob in the center. In the fastest rate setting, the oscillators can go up to low audio range.

This module is great for generating polyphonic modulation signals for your patches, and you can use it for example to control the cutoff of a poly filter, or the vibrato of a poly oscillator, having independent values for each voice. It is also very powerful for creating complex evolving timbres for drones and ambient music.

Included in the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 2.