Poly Panner

Manufacturer: Benard

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This modules allows you to pan poly signals in a stereo field. When no CV is connected, the top knob allows you to manually control the pan position of all the voices together. However, when you connect a poly CV signal this knob becomes an attenuverter, and the position of each poly voice in the stereo field will be controlled by the CV value in the control signal. This makes it possible to precisely place each voice in a poly signal at a particular place in a stereo field, using for example the Sliders to Poly module, or you can have the voices slowly moving at random using a Poly Random Walk or the Poly Random Values module to create crazy swarm sounds and constantly changing textures. Great for experimentation and sound design!

There is also a toggle that allows you to select the panning law used: linear panning, or square root constant power panning.