Poly Voltage Controlled Mutes

Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Manufacturer: Benard

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This module allows you to mute poly signals by turning them on and off with a button, or with CV control using the leftmost set of jacks. The transitions are interpolated to avoid pops.

The signals are on when the respective buttons are lit green, and the LEDs between the inputs and outputs will light up as well. There is a global Invert switch that allows you to invert the on/off values on all the channels at once. When this switch is engaged, the button values won't change, but the LEDs will be turned on or off to reflect the resulting inverted values, and will thus represent the actual status of the outputs.

The Rand button allows you to randomly turn the buttons on or off, and can be very useful for generative patches, especially when the randomization itself is controlled by a CV signal. There is also a button to turn all the buttons on at once.

The Master toggle at the bottom allows you to turn off all the signals at once, or to return them to their respectively selected values when the toggle is on again.

This module is part of the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 3.