poly Zeroscillator

Manufacturer: MRB

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Listen to the demo on the bundle page.

Video Manual: https://youtu.be/q6XIorA0r8Y

The poly version of the Zeroscillator works exactly the same as the mono version with a few minor exceptions, so please see that description for a full explanation. This module never existed in the hardware world, so Voltage Modular users get to be the first to hear what it might have sounded like.

All inputs on the poly Zeroscillator are "monopoly" inputs. That is, both types of jacks are provided on every input, so you can modulate with a mono or poly source in any combination without the need for splitter or combiner "glue" modules. Using a mono input results in all voices responding equally to the signal. Both jacks share an attenuverter. All MRB polyphonic modules feature these monopoly inputs.

Like my poly Laboratory VCO, the poly Zeroscillator has a SPREAD switch. Activating it, changes the FINE TUNE knob into a SPREAD knob which spreads the individual voices above and below the center pitch. You can use this for detuning or fat unison, or phase unlocking the different voices for LFO use.

There are no LEDs because we would need 32 of them, and that's just not practical and a waste of CPU.


Jan 1, 20


What a sound, been playing around with this oscillator and some filters....love it!


Jun 18, 20

Poly Zeroscillator

Exploration at any level. This is just a special module, instrument maker, and incredible learning tool to take the art of programming a synthesizer into uncharted and personal places. A work of art, a labor of Love, and here it is available to all of us. Dive in and explore the various avenues and corriders that this module has to offer. By the way it's polyphonic. Linear FM, built in multiples based on Cherry Audio's modulation scheme, and top notch sound coming from the creator of the hardware module. Incredible