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  • POLYPHONIK is a 4 voice polyphonic controller that stores, traverses and manipulates chord progressions.
  • It is sold individually and as part of QUAD BUNDLE.
  • Displaying chords in a circular clock-like display, and giving the user immediate control over every aspect, makes for an easy to use and inspiring module.
  • The module can store up to 32 chords, where each chord is made up of 4 voices each one represented by a colored indicator.
  • The indicators points to notes on the chromatic scale drawn in 360° around the clock-face.
  • The purple control knob in the middle of the module lets you browse the chords from 1 to a maximum of 32. Such maximum is defined by fuchsia slider.
  • Plus and Minus buttons to change chord more precisely.
  • ZERO to reset and RND to randomize current chord.
  • The TRIG input triggers a chord change.
  • When the DIR input is unconnected, a single trigger results in a single step in the direction previously selected by its switch.
  • When the DIR input is connected, a single trigger results in a single step in the forward direction when voltage is >0 and in backward direction when <0.
  • RST button to manually set to the first chord or by voltage >=2.5.
  • At the top LOAD and SAVE buttons added to save and load your notes/chords.

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