Probabilistic Gate Reliability Reducer

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Four channels of subtractive sequencing.

This device takes gates/triggers and selectively passes them through, based on a probability. That probability can be modulated too. When lodged between a sequencer and a drum, rhythmic elements can randomly appear and disappear.

On a steady clock, you can stay in tempo but avoid the pounding redundancy. You can put it in the way of a keyboard so that a busy performance can become less busy, and a little different every time. On an LFO, you'll have modulation that randomly comes and goes. On audio, you get a unique form of decimation that sounds like radio transmission problems.

Since the probabilities are modulatable, you can create statistical spikes in pass-through, making complex distributions that give you lots of control over the results while still allowing the serendipity of chance.

It's simple to use, adds randomness to pretty much any rhythmic process, and quickly becomes a great go-to utility.