Pulse-Counting Actuator

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Count pulses and use that count to cause things to happen.

Triggers, gates, or any other signals (including audio) that fluctuate across an adjustable threshold are counted, and when that count meets either of two conditions, you can get output gates, triggers, quantized pitch cv (set via silver dial on the left), and control voltages (set via silver dial on the right). For the condition, a switch selects greater than, equal to, or less than whatever the "match" count is set to. So, if you can get a trigger to go off for each count above 5, a gate to hold while the count is below 8, a note to play when the count is 4, and so on. With dedicated jacks, you can get them all simultaneously.

The count loops when it his a limit set by the max dial (adjustable from 1-999) back down to 0 or 1 (selected by a nearby switch). And, if you want to reset the count or jump to any particular count, you can do it with the buttons and pulse inputs at the top right. Alongside the max knob, there's a trigger output that pulses when the count loops, which you can feed to the reset jack of another Pulse-Counting Actuator to synchronize them or it can be sent to devices like sequencers to restart them.

This device equips a modular setup as a clock divider, to create round robins amongst rhythm units, for turning on effects at interesting intervals, for generative rhythmic sequencing, to count measures for macro song developments, and plenty more...