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  • QUAD ANALOG METER serves to display DC or AC voltages based on Doepfer's.
  • It is sold individually and as part of QUAD BUNDLE.
  • The display range is 0 to +10V (-5V to +5V in the offset mode).
  • The module features 3 different measuring methods that are selected by a toggle switch.
  • A LED is used as an indicator for negative voltages.
  • Full wave rectifier : In this mode the incoming signal is rectified and smoothed with a low pass filter. This mode is normally used to display audio signals, AC voltages. But even DC voltages can be measured in this mode.
  • Direct mode : In this mode the incoming voltage is lead to the meter without additional electronic modification. This mode is intended to display positive DC voltages, e.g. ADSR, MIDI-toCV, positive analog or digital random voltages, foot controller or slowly changing Gate/Clock signals.
  • Offset mode (+5V Offset): In this mode +5V are added to incoming voltage before it reaches the meter. Zero volt input correspond to the middle position of the display needle (i.e. +5V read out). This mode can be used to display positive and negative voltages, e.g. a slowly swinging LFO, S&H, bipolar random voltages, joy stick, etc..