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  • QUAD LIMIT is a four individual soft knee limiter module.
  • It is sold individually and as part of QUAD BUNDLE.
  • The four channels can be AC or DC coupled.
  • It can be used for normal limiting/compression but also for creative waveshaping.
  • The limiter will brick wall limit to +/- 5V both in AC and DC mode.
  • For each channel there is a volume control that controls how hard the limiter is driven.
  • When the knob is at 12 o'clock what passes through is almost unaffected but limiting peaks to +/-5V.
  • Turning the the knob to full will give a certain amount of amplification drive in to the limiter, giving a almost rounded distorted sound.
  • If you want higher compression than just one limiter you can chain several limiters, this is pre-patched via normaling.
  • If nothing is connected to IN on channel 2 or 3 they will get their input from the channel above as shown by the dotted lines on the front panel.
  • This is also so you easily can get tree different compressed versions of the same sound out.
  • Connecting something in on 2 or 3 will disconnect this normaling.