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  • QUAD RANDOM VOLTAGES is a noise and random voltage generator with Sample&Hold and Track&Hold features based on Doepfer's.

  • It is sold individually and as part of QUAD BUNDLE.

  • The module generates the signals white noise, colored noise, continuous random voltage and stepped random voltage.

  • It gives you the ability to mix the relative amounts of Red (low frequency component) and Blue noise (high frequency component) in the colored noise output on top of Pink noise.

  • There are knobs to control the rate of change and amplitude of the random voltage, and two LEDs indicate the state of the voltage at any one time.

  • The random voltage is derived from the colored noise output by low pass filtering, consequently the settings Blue and Red will affect the random output.

  • The continuous random voltage is used as source for Sample&Hold and Track&Hold.

  • With T&H, the output signal follows the input signal (= continuous random voltage) as long as the Clock input is "high". As soon as the clock signal changes to "low" the last voltage is stored.

  • With S&H, the input signal (= continuous random voltage) is sampled at the rising edge of the Clock signal.

  • Possibility to use an External clock and an external input source.