R_Ware is a passion project that would have never been possible to start or even to keep up without my amazing team!

I truly love and appreciate each and every one of you, you make R_Ware awesome! We're at R_Ware have many developer friends and we always try to foster a strong, open, and friendly community that thrives on exchange and helping each other! This BLANK contains all of the module backgrounds that have been released yet. If you click on the little heart button that's hidden somewhere on the UI you unlock the SHOUTOUTS mode! All of these amazing people/artists/developers/you-name-it help keeping R_Ware alive. You should definitely check out their work/art/music/modules/plugins... but i might be biased here ;)

  • Right-click on the SHOUTOUTS animation to stop it.
  • Left-click to browse the SHOUTOUTS manually.
  • Click on the heart button again to hide the SHOUTOUTS
  • Click-and-drag or simply click the R_Ware logo at the bottom to explore the BLANK designs. Each design shows the module it came from.

Thank you to all of the R_Ware supporters and fans as well! You are amazing! <3