Random Choice

Type: Module

Category: Controller

Updated: Aug 02, 2019

Manufacturer: Benard

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This module allows you to choose a random value from a set, determined by the position of the sliders. It can be seen as a sort of sequencer focused exclusively on random choice. It is great for generating minimalist patterns and melodies that are changing slowly over time, and for any purpose that requires random selection within a set of specific values.

You can determine the number of values to choose from with the Number of Choices white knob. The result will be displayed in the Choices counter above it, and the sliders for the inactive choices will be dimmed. This can also be CV controlled using the input below the No Repeats toggle. When the number of choices is CV controlled, the minimum is set by the white knob, and its label will change to Min. Num. Choices. This jack expects signals between -5 and 5 V, and will take the absolute value and map it to a range between the minimum set by the white knob, and the value of the knob above the jack (Max. Num. of CV Choices). Use the no repeats toggle (x1) to exclude repetition, so that each note will be different from the previous one.

The displays on the left side show the chosen slider, and the chosen voltage value generated by that slider, which is the voltage value that is being output.

You can trigger the selection manually with the T button, or with a signal using the trigger input below it.

You can also randomize all the values of the sliders with the Randomize button or its trigger input. When triggering randomization with CV, the changes won't take effect immediately, but rather when the next slider value is selected. This allows you to randomize the sliders periodically without having to worry about the randomization and trigger signals being properly synced. There is also an initialization button that will return all the sliders to their center position.

The range of values of all the sliders can be controlled with the Range and Offset global knobs at the bottom, which can be modulated with CV signals using the inputs and attenuverters next to them.

Add a quantizer to restrict the values to specific pitch values in a scale.

Included in the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 2.