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  • Razors is a dual multimode filter based on Mutable Instruments' Blades.
  • Razors is sold individually and as part of Malleable Instruments Bundle.

    Dual multimode filter with CV-controlled, continuously variable filter response, filter routing, and an overdrive/wavefolding stage for each filter. Overdrive response continuously adjustable between soft-clipping and 2-stage wavefolding. Clean 2-pole (12dB/octave) state-variable design. CV-controlled filter response, continuously variable between low-pass, band-pass and high-pass. CV inputs with attenuverters for cutoff and resonance. Unattenuated frequency CV input, calibrated for 1V/Oct tracking. Clean and constant amplitude self-oscillation across the audio range, extending into very low frequencies. Modulating the filter response is akin to modulating the phase of the self-oscillation tone. Continuously variable (and CV-controlled) routing from single to parallel to series. With a signal patched into filter 2's audio input, the routing knob and CV act as a crossfader. Filter 2's cutoff can be set relatively to filter 1's cutoff. Frequency knob range: 8Hz to 18kHz.

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