Type: Module

Category: CV processors

Updated: Jan 09, 2021

Manufacturer: Collider Modular

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Recker provides gate-able inverted, half rectifiation, and full rectification outputs which can tame or trash signals. It works for both control voltages or audio signals, and can be modulated at up to audio rate.

Intro & Tutorial

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  1. Source CV signal - This source signal that will be modified in various ways (see below).
  2. Gate input - When connected will only modify signal when gate is high. Normaled high when nothing is connected. Accepts audio-rate signals.


  1. Inversion - Flips the incoming signal around the axis of 0v. 5v becomes -5v; -2.5v becomes 2.5v; etc.
  2. Half rectification - All negative voltages are clamped to 0v.
  3. Full rectification - All negative voltages are inverted. Positive voltages remain untouched.
  4. Inverted full rectification - A combination of output 3 followed by 1.