Recurrence Multiplier & Divider

$8.00 $20.00

A flexible set of 4 multipliers and 4 dividers, the Recurrence module accepts clock trigger pulses and sends them out 1-64x faster or at 1-64ths slower rates. Individual jacks for each make it a hub for lots of coordination and an additional “select” output lets you toggle between them rapidly with selection buttons or via CV triggers. A “steps” knob lets you produce syncopated steps by setting an overall pattern length where, for instance, you could set a pattern length of 7 steps and a divisor of 3 to produce a clock on steps 3 and 6 with 3 and 4 pulse intervals. For convenience, an onboard system tempo output trigger pulses once per beat and can be wired right to the clock input and/or to your other devices.

The Recurrence Multiplier & Divider can help you time complex beats, abrupt tempo changes, rolls, wratchets, poly rhythms, and all sorts of other interesting timings.