Remotely Reckless Randomizer


Here comes yet another dangerous tool for those daring few who are ready to RELINQUISH CONTROL!

Ahem. In less hyperbolic terms: here’s a neat little freebie that wiggles knobs for you.

With a goal of simplicity – minimal options, minimal controls – the Remotely Reckless Randomizer is still a capable little device. It can quickly and easily add subtle variation to a patch, but is also prepared to go all in on going all out, exploring gazillions of parameter combinations one trigger at a time.

It’s a remote randomizer and it’s free! What more is there to say?

Time to close your eyes and let fate wiggle some knobs.

Quick post-release update:

  • Seconds knob now goes up to 60.
  • New rate knob to adjust resolution/update rate of remote controls. Lower settings (now default) can save a lot of CPU, often without any audible differences (though it depends on how it's being used of course).