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The 2VCO is a dual oscillator that allows you to detune the second oscillator from oscillator 1 and even modulate that detune.. Detuning can be very modest up to more than an octave above or below. That means it's very simple to create a real fat bass by dialing in the second oscillator and detune it an octave below. Each of the oscillators have Sine, Triangle, Saw, Square and Noise wave to switch on/off and set a level for, to create all kinds of waveforms. And if that's not enough there's also a Phase Modulation input. You could even take output 2 which holds the detuned oscillator 2 and send that back into the Phase Modulator input for... let's say ... different - sounds... The glide that's also available can be switched on for oscillator 1, oscillator 2 or both.. All of this adds up to a hopefully versatile oscillator for you to use.

Manual for the module can be found here: https://www.requestformusic.com/RFM-VM/RFM%202VCO%20manual.pdf

Find video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru9gs6kraO0

-- Build#8 - bug fix that solves loss of PITCH from CV INPUT when connecting/disconnecting the PHASE MOD INPUT