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RFM's ELEKTRAX is a 4 track sequencer intended as a simple 'drum-machine'. Each of the 4 tracks have dials to set the pitch, decay, wave (from sine to saw), bend, bend time, noise, level and pan. You can choose to set a speed independent of your DAW/APP or sync instead. If synced, you'll choose a speed by setting a note duration.

And although ELEKTRAX is intended as a drum-machine, you could use the SAWTOOTH wave with longer decays to create simple 4-note basslines..

Further there are of course inputs to reset, start or stop the sequencer. ELEKTRAX also has outputs for PITCH-CV that you could feed into any oscillator, and ENVELOPE signal per track to drive filters or amplifiers.

By chaining multiple ELEKTRAXs, by driving the start of a following ELEKTRAX with an ENV step you could have real complex rhythms. Lots of room for experimentation there!

Get the manual here: https://www.requestformusic.com/RFM-VM/RFM%20ELEKTRAX%20manual.pdf

Tutorial video: https://youtu.be/ub0Dvhw5F-A

Module presets: https://www.requestformusic.com/RFM-VM/elektrax_modulePresets.zip

Title of Song

  • ELEKTRAX-chain
  • ELEXTRAX-(2x-selfregulating)