S100 - Dual VCO

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • S100 - Dual VCO is a dual oscillator module.

  • S100 - Dual VCO is sold in S100 Bundle and Oscillator Bundle.

  • Each VCO features 3 selectable waveforms (triangle, sawtooth and PWM).

  • Sync Out always outputs the PWM signal which can be used as an additional audio out.

  • Sawtooth and PWM are unipolar (0 to 10V) whereas the triangle is bipolar (-5 to 5V).

  • PWM can be manually controlled manually or via an external CV input.

  • Each VCO offers Pitch and Range controls plus 2 audio outputs, 3 pitch CV inputs.

  • VCO’s feature strong and weak sync output modes for accurate phase locking.