SCRUNCHER is a simple two-knob dynamics processor module containing a crunchy tube-like compressor and brick-wall limiter.

SCRUNCHER can be used to add subtle saturation and warmth, or distort your original signal almost beyond recognition.

SCRUNCHER has two totally independent channels for processing stereo or dual mono inputs.

We wanted to make SCRUNCHER as simple and as CPU-friendly as possible so no CV parameter control or metering - simply adjust the two knobs until it sounds good!

ON button toggles SCRUNCHER between active and bypass mode.

CRUNCH adjusts the drive applied to the initial tube preamp section. Setting to zero will bypass the preamp.

SQUASH progressively lowers the threshold for the brick-wall limiter and automatically adjusts makeup gain to compensate for volume loss. The LED above the SQUASH knob will be lit when the input signal(s) exceed the limiter’s threshold.

Setting both CRUNCH and SQUASH knobs to zero is exactly the same as bypassing the module.