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SEQ/phrases is a 8 step sequencer with the possibility to use 5 different play modes on either the note sequence or gate sequence. The gate times can be set per step and range from 1/32 to 2/1. The play modes add variation in play back of the sequences. The modes can also be set using a cv source to automate and have control over the amount of variation you want to add during play back. SEQ/Phrases can be used in any genre, although I feel it excells in acid and techno.

The controls and their functions: from top to bottom:

  • Top knob group: These knobs set the notes. The octave range is C-2 to C-5.

  • Lower knob group: These knobs set the gates. The gates times are: Off, 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1 and 2/1.

  • 5 Orange and 5 blue leds located in the middle of the module indicate which play mode for the notes (orange) or gates (blue) is being used. See "play mode knob" for further reference.

  • Shift knob: You can shift/transpose the note sequence by plus or minus 2 octaves, 48 semi-tones in total.

  • Glide Knob: Sets the glide time: 0.0 ms to 272.0 ms.

  • Steps knob: Sets the length of both the note and gate sequence.

  • Play mode knob (orange) and gate knob (blue): Sets the playback pattern for the notes and gates. The patterns are: 12345678, 87654321, 13572468, 12348765 and 15678432.

  • All knobs can be cv modulated to add variation to your sequences. Since the notes and gates can be playback using different patterns, it is possible to playback the same notes with varying gates or visa versa over time.

  • Trig in: This is the jack that receives triggers so the sequencer advances to the next step. The "traditional setup": sync-out -> sync-divider -> seq/notes+gates: will advance to the next step and sync to your DAW.

  • Reset: Resets the sequencer to step 1. Use a play trigger from the i/o when syncing to the DAW or a sync divider at 1/1 or 2/1 to match the bar.

  • Notes & gates out: Outputs the notes and gates according to the sequencer. The gates are "smooth" so can be directly patched to a amplifier.

  • Trig.out: Outputs triggers instead of gates. When a gate for a particular step is turned off, no triggers will be sent to the output. Use this output to trigger other evens such as lfo resets, envelopes, switches and so on.

  • Click on the "planet.6_modularsystems/:" logo at the bottom of the module to display the values of the notes and gates under the specific knobs. This helps during the programming process.