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  • Shutters is a 4-channel voltage-controlled signal polarizer based on Mutable Instruments' Blinds.
  • Shutters is sold individually and as part of Malleable Instruments Bundle.
  • Each channel consists of a polarizer circuit, also known as a four-quadrant multiplier.
  • This circuit acts like a VCA with an adjustable response curve, except that a negative control voltage will cause the output signal to be inverted, instead of being silenced.
  • Outputs are daisy-chained, allowing adjacent groups of 2, 3, or all 4 channels, to be mixed together.
  • Channels input receives +5V when no patch cable is inserted.
  • When no patch cable is plugged into an output, the signal from this channel is routed to the next channel.
  • LEDs color corresponds to the polarity (blue = positive, red = negative), the brightness to the gain.

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  • Nrgzr78_SHUTTERS_Demo_-1-_.wav