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SMOOTHIE is a super-simple one-knob compressor with a continuously variable threshold / compression ratio plus a wet / dry mix blend control.

SMOOTHIE can be used in situations when you want a CPU-friendly compressor that’s reasonably smooth and transparent, but rest assured, it can get very squashy when pushed to the max!

SMOOTHIE uses a variable width soft-knee transition around the threshold value for extra smoothness and automatically applies makeup gain for the reduced dynamic range. This can result in SMOOTHIE making an instrument appear louder and fuller in such a way you might not want to switch it off!

SMOOTHIE has two totally independent channels for processing stereo or dual mono inputs. When either input is used, it will be routed to both outputs.

ON button toggles SMOOTHIE between active and bypass mode.

SQUEEZE increases the compression effect by simultaneously lowering the compression threshold, and increasing the compression ratio. Low settings can yield a fairly subtle “thickening” effect, but there should be plenty compression available for a more obvious effect.

The LED above the SQUEEZE knob will be lit when either input signal exceeds the compression threshold.

BLEND reintroduces a variable amount of the original “dry” signal into the output mix. At zero, you will hear the compressed signal only. At maximum, you will hear the compressed signal, plus the original dry signal.

For certain sounds, dialling-in the BLEND control allows the initial attack of a note to briefly exceed the level of the compressed signal, which is very desirable when used with electric guitars for example, and helps retain a dynamic feel.

PLEASE NOTE: SMOOTHIE is designed to handle a wide range of audio signals and because of a final brick wall limiter stage, should never present output levels greater than +/-5.0V. However, depending on the nature and level of the input audio, distortion artefacts may occur, in which case, back off your input source gain or reduce the SQUEEZE control.

We hope you enjoy your SMOOTHIE!