Solaris Ensemble

The Solaris Ensemble was created with one purpose in mind - to replicate the bucket-brigade ensemble generator circuit of the Eminent Solina string machine.

In its simplest configuration, you simply plug your source signal into the Input jack, and monitor the signal on the Mono (L) output jack. That's all there is to it - instant dreamy, shimmering chorus adding aural sweetness to anything! You can create a wide stereo image by plugging another cable into the Right output jack and panning the two outputs hard-left and hard-right. Using one Solaris in stereo mode can detract from the density of the ensemble effect, but you can create full, rich stereo by running two units in parallel, offsetting the LFOs by a fixed phase shift.

There are many panel controls and input and output sockets which allow you to configure your own custom tri-chorus effects. LFOs 1 & 2 generate three synchronised sine waves, each separated by 120 degrees. The rates and modulation depths of LFOs 1 & 2 can be set by the front panel knobs. The complex interaction of all six sine wave outputs is the key to the magic of that classic sound, in contrast to the regular, predictable cycling of most simple chorus units.

You can pan the Solo Channel Outputs to simulate different stereo ensemble effect. Or, if you want something richer, you can synchronise up to four Solaris modules to give you a total of 12 independent solo outputs, all perfectly phase offset from one another for that classic silky sound.

The Mod CV socket allows you to control the depth of chorus effect, from static through to full intensity, using a CV source such as a modulation wheel, LFO or envelope generator.

Title of Song

  • FromMundaneToMagical.mp3
  • SometimesAPhaserIsNotEnough.mp3
  • SpaceFilterWetDryWet.mp3