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  • SonicV+ is a duophonic Synthesizer based on Sonic V from Moog/MuSonics, a very rare instrument from 1972 which was the predecessor of the Moog Sonic 6, with some extra features.

  • SonicV+ is sold individually and as part of SYNTHS BUNDLE.

  • LFO section formed by two wave generators (RAMP, SAWTOOTH, TRIANGLE, SQUARE) that can be mixed by BALANCE X/Y control knob at the top.

  • Master and Transient switch to select what modifier can affect each wave generator rate.

  • VCO section includes two triangle core oscillators with selectable waveforms (Sawtooth, Triangle, Pulse), Octave switch selection, Pitch and Pulse Width Modulation control knobs.

  • Master Pitch control to affect both oscillators pitch.

  • Sync switch to synchronize oscillator A with B or vice versa.

  • BALANCE A/B control knob at the top to mix the two oscillators.

  • Control inputs to affect pitch or pulse width modulation for each oscillator.

  • Below VCO section there's the Keyboard Control switch :

    • When set to LOW NOTE the keyboard will accept two note pressed at the same time where the lowest note will be assigned to oscillator A while the other to oscillator B.
    • When set to OFF, two external CV inputs are enabled for each oscillator pitch excluding the keyboard for Oscillator A.
    • When set to right position only one note at time will vary the pitch of the two oscillators.
    • Scale control knob works always for oscillator B while for oscillator A only when Keyboard Control switch is set to right position.
  • Ring Modulator section includes two switches to select signal input (Osc B or External Input) and the modulating input (X/Y or Osc A).

  • White and Pink noise sources selectable by switch.

  • Source mixer with four level control knobs for Oscillator A/B, Ring Modulator, External input and Noise.

  • Mute all switch for muting all sources at the same time.

  • Each source has its own switch to select if you want it be part of the mix or not and individual output jack.

  • Transient Generator is an envelope generator with Attack and Decay/Release control knobs, a switch for ASR or AD type of envelope.

  • Keyboard, LFO X or LFO Y switches to select inputs for triggering the envelope.

  • Due of the retrigger of the envelope by the LFO’s, this instrument is great for self-playing patches.

  • Bypass switch at the top of Articulator (VCA) to enable or disable the envelope to interact with the source mixer output amplitude.

  • Spectrum Limiter (self-oscillating 4-pole Lowpass Filter) with cutoff frequency and resonance control sliders and pitch control inputs from keyboard pitch, envelope, LFO and external input.

  • Output mixer and Reverberation unit with Bypass switch.

  • Velocity control switch below the MIDI input jack set to ON whenever you want to use the sensibility of your keyboard/device or set to OFF to have velocity set to maximum.

"There is no association, affiliation or endorsement of Nrgzr78 or its products by 'Moog/MuSonics'.


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