Space Controller

Manufacturer: R_Ware

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SPACE CONTROLLER transforms your cursor into an intergalactic CV vessel

Let your creativity thrive and control your modules in a 2D space with a huge library of AI generated space-themed images

Space Controller is a 2 dimensional modulation area. Left-click anywhere to travel to these coordinates and watch the CV outputs adjust accordingly.

In space time is sometimes not linear, so why should your CV be? Exponential and logarithmic translations of the movement are provided by the board computer. You even have extensible control of the curvature with the CRV knob!

It's time to disengage warp speed drive and slew down. With the SLW knob you are able to smooth your trajectories to gentle flights.

Of course, Space Controller lets you control space as well! Set the explorable dimensions with the XMAX and YMAX knobs to increase or decrease the output CV.

Ignition is provided with the Trigger and Gate outputs. When you left-click in the space and drag the cursor a Trigger is engaged for the initial click and a Gate is held for the duration of your travel. For your convenience cruise control is activated with the space bar when the module is in focus (yellow highlight frame). Don't worry about star-gates, Gate will be active until you de-activate cruise control with another space bar press. For more control you can right-click and hold in the space area to precisely gate and trigger at your command!

Take inspiration from the gallery of space-themed images by clicking on the SPACE text above. Explore different worlds and dimensions with planets, galaxies, glitches, dimensions, weird stuff, and, of course, CATS! The grid color can be adjusted by clicking on the WARE logo. Each step can be reversed by holding down the shift-key while clicking on these words.

When you need a little push to get going, give the CONTROLLER text a push and travel to new coordinates! A trigger is fired and gate is held for as long as you keep pushing the text. In combination with SLW you can create an endless voyage through voltage spaces!

Bonus tip! If you like an image in particular save a module preset to recall the image later on.

Enjoy your trip!