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VCA style compressor

Includes gain reduction indication and compression curve indication

  • Mono and stereo input and output options
  • -20 to +20 db input gain control
  • The threshold can be set from -80 to +20 db to trigger the compressor
  • The ratio controls the amount of db gain reduction per db over the threshold
  • Attack and release control the time to reach full and zero compression
  • Knee controls the speed at which full ratio is reached at the compression threshold
  • Tail adds the option of less or more compression ratio after the threshold, the tail starts half way between the threshold point and 0 db.
  • RMS duration in ms determines the average db to trigger the compressor. A lower results in faster db changes.
  • HPF is a high pass filter to reduce lower frequencies triggering the compressor
  • Sidechain adds the option to use another signal to trigger the compressor. The high pass filter will also filter this signal when available.
  • Use mix to mix in the original signal
  • Makeup is a -20 to +20 db makeup gain after compression, the original signal is not altered by the makeup gain when mixing in the original signal