Stereo Limiter

Type: Module

Category: Effect

Updated: Mar 03, 2021

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • Stereo Limiter is a limiting processor that's commonly used to reduce the dynamic range of a sound/source or track.
  • Stereo Limiter is sold individually and as part of Effect Bundle and ALL-4-ONE BUNDLE.
  1. It can be used to increase the overall level or loudness of an instrument, or more frequently, groups of instruments, thus making it louder, by pumping more input level into the limiter and setting a “Ceiling” threshold transient peaks will not exceed, avoiding any digital overs.
  2. Stereo Limiter comes with Attack, Release, Ceiling, Input and Output Gain controls plus two buttons to select your VU readings : GR stands for gain reduction (red LED when gain reduction is happening) while OUT is for output level (red LED when clipping occurs).
  3. Stereo linking control : a) LINK toggle button disabled : left totally unlinked, both channels will be limited independently causing one channel or the other to dip in level at various times; this can create an interesting sense of width, because each side of the stereo image is reacting differently to the limiter, drawing the ear in different, less uniform directions. When pushed too far, unlinked limiting can cause the stereo image to wander in distracting and unpleasant ways. b) LINK toggle button enabled : link the left and right channels, in which case the louder one, regardless of its stereo placement, will trigger gain reduction across the board; this creates a more uniform stereo image, because you are not hearing those variances in the left and right channels.
  4. Switch to bypass or enable the module.

Ps. In the first demo sound, you can hear at minute 2:54 some kind of harshness when I bypassed the module and also 1 minute later because of changing parameters...the limiter in this case helps contain those exceeding peaks.

Hope you push yourself to the limit!!! ;)

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