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  • STEREO SPRING REVERB is a stereo spring reverb module based on Doepfer's.

  • STEREO SPRING REVERB is sold individually and as part of QUAD BUNDLE and as part of Effect Bundle.

  • Spring reverb systems have a very characteristic sound that is based on the (insufficient) mechanical properties of the springs like signal delays, audio resonances, limited frequency range, acoustic feedback behaviour, etc..

  • The 3-spring system used ensures a "dense" reverb because of the different properties of the three springs.

  • Left Audio input is normalled to the right one.

  • The reverb signal can be fed back to the input using the Feedback control.

  • Even self-oscillation of the springs similiar to the self-oscillation of filters is available.

  • The feedback loop can lead even via external modules.

  • Another feature is the Emphasis control: this enables the adjustment of the middle frequencies (around ~ 2kHz).

  • Three decay settings (Short, Medium, Long).

  • Possibility to link the control knobs (Left side taking control of the Right one).

  • Limiter switch to contains output peaks.

  • Pre e Post switch selection to use Emphasis before or after processed sound.

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