Stochastic AR Envelope

Manufacturer: Benard

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This module is a two-stage function generator that allows you to choose the rise and fall times stochastically each time a trigger is received. It is great for having constantly changing rises and falls, which can be applied at many different time levels, from notes to fade ins and outs of textures, or for modulation settings that are never quite the same.

The range of values is chosen at random between the values set by the Min and Max knobs, respectively for the Attack and Release sections. If Min is higher than Max, the absolute value of the difference will be used.

If the green On toggles are not engaged, the values will instead be fixed for each trigger, and they will be set by the value of the Min knobs.

The min and max values can also be modified with CV, using the inputs and attenuverters in the middle.

The operation mode can be set to single shot (1), hold (where the value will remain high until the gate is released), or loop. In loop mode you need to send an initial trigger to start the looping.

The T button at the top right allows you to manually trigger the envelope, and the jack to its right sends that trigger out so that it can be used to trigger other modules at the same time.

The ReTrig toggle when engaged allows you to retrigger the envelope before it goes back to zero.

The scale toggles let you multiply the duration values of the envelope.

You can trigger the envelope with a gate sent to the Gate In jack. The module also has a built in VCA for convenience, so you can optionally connect a signal to the Signal In input.

The CV Out will output the CV signal produced by the envelope, while the VCA Out will output the CV signal multiplied by the Input Signal.

There are two additional outputs, EOA Out and EOR Out, which send a trigger when the envelope reaches the end of each stage. You can use these to trigger other envelopes, or coordinate events in different ways.

This module is part of the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 3.