Storage Unit

$5.00 $10.00

Format options
Select AIFF or WAV file format.
Write 32-bit floats or 16-bit samples. [1]

[1] 32-bit AIFF is not supported on some older players. If so, try WAV.
We like the free player for single file editing and spectroscopy!

Currently always writes file to your Documents path.
Update 2021-11: Doc folder is often write-protected on Windows, unless you run VM as admin. In these cases, Storage Unit switches to VM application folder /StorageUnit. Not ideal, but we don't want to throw file dialogs in your face.

The filename has lots of numbers:
VM-rec- [date]T[time] _ [samplecount] .aiff or .wav

Date and time is set when the module is created.
All files recorded from this unit will get the same timestamp.

Samplecount is the number of samples generated in this Virtual Modular session just when recording starts.
This might help if you record several files and want to sync them in an editor.

CV Trig toggle
Trig In: On high trigger, toggles recording (on/off).
NOTE: On low trigger (-5), recording is always switched off.
Trig Out is sent when recording starts or stops.
NOTE: Turn on sends +5, turn off sends -5. (To ensure that chained units turn OFF)

You can use trig out to start/stop multiple Storage Units with one Record button.
Note that trigged files from chain-synced units will start at 1 sample offset.

Your very own Winchester drive!


Nov 9, 20

Nice little recorder!

Although Voltage Modular 2 added a record button to the UI, nothing beats having separate 'tape' recorders sitting along your rig just waiting to get triggered manually or via CV gate. This has been a useful and practical tool for quickly capturing sends on mixers, and individual tracks for a self-exporting experience to load back into samplers and otherwise. I'll be using this quite a lot!