Stratacorder Layering Device

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Loop snippets and bars of incoming audio into CV-actuated sound collages, layer recordings into complex harmonies, and nimbly perform with sound in automatic synchronization. The Stratacorder Layering Device takes the concept of a looper, adapts it for modular trickery, and pushes it with features that become too impractical and costly for hardware releases.

Automatically matched to the system tempo, recording can be activated with trigger pulses to precisely capture loops and beat-sized snippets. Press the master record button and watch recordings pour into each row with each beat, measure, or phrase, up to 16 seconds in length (4 bars at 60 BPM, 8 bars at 120 BPM). Trigger each recording with gate signals muting/unmuting the synced audio to perform various combinations of sounds. All recordings stay locked, starting and ending together. A restart button/CV allows synchronization and stutter effects, and can also be used with the mute/unmute gate to “retrigger” samples. Polyphonic output allows you to keep the tracks parallel, but they are also summed into a mono output.

A click out helps other devices sync to the Stratacorder, and it can be sent to output to act as a metronome. You needn’t adhere to a grid though, and by unchecking a quantize button, loop lengths can be specified with decimals of a beat, freeing up the continuum of loop lengths. Each recording has dedicated half and double speed buttons with CV, and a volume knob for balancing levels. Recordings are remembered with saving, so you can keep your loops into the future and save them as device presets.

Try the Stratacorder if you want to layer loops of sound as you make themn, if you want to chop up audio samples into deployable snippets, if you want to store a variety of noises as they form into a little footprint, or if you want to build complex generative patches that record and replay themselves in a frenzy of self reference. The Stratacorder Layering Device makes it easy to record and perform syncronized audio.

You'll also get the larger format [Stratacorder X] with purchase (you'll see it discounted to free in the store after checkout).