Modular Performer on Steroids

Also part of the Performer Bundle.

SubSequence is a voltage generator designed to create rhythmic patterns. It can be operated in one-shot or in oscillator mode. Multiple instances can be chained to create longer and more complex patterns.


TRG Controls the start of the subsequence, either manually using the button or by trigger CV. Once a trigger signal is received the subsequence runs from start to end (one-shot). In oscillator mode the trigger input restarts the subsequence.
DUR Controls the duration of the subsequence using pitch CV (see Beats2Pitch Bundle). Use the knob to multiply the received duration by up to 8.
NEXT Outputs a trigger signal when the subsequence is finished. Can be used for chaining multiple instances to create longer and more complex rhythmic patterns. OSC sets the module to oscillator mode, where the "next" trigger is internally routed to the TRG input jack. LED flashes as a visual indicator.

FROM Set the initial voltage of the subsequence. Ranges from -5..5V.
TO Set the end voltage of the subsequence. Ranges from -5..5V.
FROM and TO values can be switched using the button below the output jacks.
BEND Determines the curvature of the subsequence. Ranges from -5..5. Positive values bend the curve towards the TO value, negative values bend it towards the FROM value. Can be set to BIdirectional, bending the curve from the center in opposite directions.

All 3 values can be modulated using the input jack and amount knob above the value knob. The final value is output through the jack below the value knob. Multiple instances of SubSequence can be chained and controlled with a single module when the aforementioned outputs are connected with their corresponding inputs of the next module, which value knobs are all set to 0V.

DIV Divide the length of the subsequence in up to 8 segments of equal length.
TRG Controls the trigger output of each segment. Buttons have 2 states:

  • Green: Trigger is set
  • Gray: Trigger is unset

GATE Controls the gate output of each segment. The gate length can be set with the knob in % relative to the segment's length. Buttons have 3 states:

  • Green: Gate is open
  • Yellow: Previous gate will be extended in length by 100%
  • Gray: Gate is closed.

CV Controls the output CV of the segment. Buttons have 6 states:

  • Green: Output voltage from FROM to TO volts with a curvature of BEND
  • Yellow: Extend the previous segment
  • Red: Output voltage from TO to FROM volts with a curvature of BEND
  • Blue: Output FROM voltage
  • Plum: Output TO voltage
  • Gray: Output 0V

PHS Outputs the current position (or phase) of the subsequence. Output voltage can be set in ranges of 0..1V or -5..5V. Small display for visual reference.

If you have any module specific questions, please visit the Monkey Business Audio forum. For questions about Voltage Modular in general, please visit the Cherry Audio forum. If you don't want to ask your question in the forum you can send me a pm or an email.