Super LFO

We named it "super" for a reason! The Super LFO low-frequency oscillator module is jam-packed with killer features- it can be used as a standard cycling LFO, or in "one-shot" mode, for use as an envelope generator (with gate and "one-shot" trigger inputs). It includes a built-in sync divider and reset input for super easy sync to DAW projects, or it can be used in free-run mode (with CV-controllable rate). But the real showstopper is its mindblowing custom waveshaping flexibility... with seven controls and a huge real-time display, the possibilities are endless, and all waveshaping parameters feature bipolar CV control for real-time manipulation. The final word in LFO modulation!


Mar 4, 19

Great LFO

this LFO, with a great number of possible modulation, in combination with syncing, and resetting, gives you a lot of control over the LFO, which exceeds a normal LFO, in such a way, that it is more "musical".
great module!