Swing is a module with exactly one, noble mission: to add swing to a boring straight rhythm. It does this by delaying every other incoming trigger. Swing works well with 1/8th or 1/16th note sync signals, but you are free to experiment...

When in the % mode, Swing monitors the distance between adjacent triggers (tempo), and you can set the amount of swing as a percentage. 0% means no change to the original signal. 100% delays every other trigger by a third of the space between triggers, which gives straight beat a triplet feel. In the MS mode, you can set the delay in milliseconds.

Send a positive trigger signal to the RESET jack to restart the cycle: the next incoming trigger after reset will not be delayed, the one after that will be, and so on.

The incoming triggers must be positive control voltage signals, and they must return back to zero. Swing retains the original level and length of each gate/trigger. Note that if a gate/trigger is delayed enough to overlap with the next one, they might be interpreted as a single trigger.