Sync Delay

Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Manufacturer: Weevil

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Sync Delay support delays of up to 100ms for 8 signal paths. Its primary use is to solve latency problems between VM and eurorack or latency problems between modules within VM.


  • INDIVIDUAL - individual delay time for all signal paths.
  • SHARED - shared delay time for all signal paths.


  • SAMPLES - set delay time in samples (good when syncing modules within VM)
  • MS - set delay time in milliseconds

Delay time input - set delay time using the input text box or increase / decrease with the up and down buttons.

Sync Delay can measure the latency automatically for you using the MEASURE-button, "Measure Input"-input jack and the "Measure Output"-output jack.

When you click the MEASURE button Sync Delay will send out a 5V output signal using the "Measure Output"-output jack. It will also start a timer and listen for an input from the "Measure Input"-input jack. As soon as it gets a signal larger than 2.5V it will stop the timer and sets the delay value.

Video with sample patches here: