Synchronizing Sample Calibration Delay

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This practical utility helps line up signals where sample-accurate precision is required. Wired connections inherently introduce a single sample delay (each) along a signal path. It’s too short to percieve the effects on rhythm (a latency of 1/48,000th of a second), but it can affect the phase alignment of audio, the way trigger pulses coincide with each other, and other such synchronizations.

This device offers 3 sets of mono connections as well as 1 polyphonic connection for introducing 1-480 samples of delay*, which can be used to compensate for another signal which may run through a shorter path.

On the other hand, it can be used to purposefully cause misalignments, and you can get great results when staggering sets of oscillators.

*With a setting of 1 sample delay, the device isn't internally adding any further delay, just reporting the delay that results from wiring the device. This device and the Pulse-Synchronizing Sample Calibration Delay have different purposes (the former is generalized, and the latter is for synchronizing triggers/gates/clocks), so their controls report the delay differently (this device includes the wire's delay for accurate overall precision, the other device is working to sync amongst its inputs & does not include the wire's delay).